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Wireless System Overview

UHF Wireless Operational Overview

A control computer or telephone is used to access the master transmitter. Any number of control points and master transmitters may be used. The master transmitter broadcasts a wireless audio and text message to any number of electronic message boards and paging speakers.

In addition to live and pre-recorded audio commonly offered, the BRG system includes AT&T Natural Voices text-to-speech. Few people want to speak live over a wide area paging system during stressful emergency conditions; and, pre-recorded audio does not have the flexibility to follow changing conditions. However, BRG has developed a solution that uses the AT&T "Natural Voices" text-to-speech engine (TTS).

The TTS system allows the accuracy of a typed message, and the flexibility of live audio, all with the clarity of professionally recorded audio. No other mass notification system offers this level of clear and concise communication. The BRG system also integrates into many emergency texting/emailing software solutions. This allows universities to seamlessly send the same message through the BRG system as their texting software. The BRG system can also utilize existing fire alarm speakers to make audio announcements, saving customers thousands of dollars.
The BRG Indoor/Outdoor Broadcast System can deliver audio and text messages to a wide area in 45 seconds or less. In an emergency, it is important to cover all parts of the campus, including outdoor areas. In addition to indoor notification products, BRG offers high power outdoor audio paging systems and ultra-bright message boards. The message boards can display a wide variety of information including synchronized time, date, day of the week, and most importantly, emergency messages.

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